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People who love travel really love travel. We collect trinkets and memories; we share photos and stories. If we’re lucky, we tell a good story. If we’re lucky and perseverant, we tell good stories that others want to share.

At TourMatters, one guilty pleasure is enjoying the work of so many talented writers and photographers and getting to share them with you. We’ve talked about our favorite operator blogs (still excellent); now, here are a few other sites that bring us to where the action is.

A Luxury Travel Blog

Reading about luxury travel is a treat, even if that’s not your usual style. Paul Johnson, and the 400+ writers who contribute to A Luxury Travel Blog, do a great job of balancing the luxurious with the accessible. Two favorites for TourMatters readers are 7 Reasons to Visit Pompeii and Top 5 Foodie Cities in Europe.

Eating the Globe

There are so many aspects of travel to write about, but food blogs are my personal favorite. Valen Dawson lets readers and adventurers go DIY with recommendations on topics that include Eat Like a Local and Markets. When it comes to going local, markets are a great way to “do like the Romans” wherever you are.

The GypsyNesters

Veronica and David James’s boomer-focused blog has built a community on a foundation of travel, as well as getting the most out of the “empty-nest” chapter of their life. Any topic is fair game, but the highlights of their destination posts are the detailed stories that accompany the many photos of their visit. Where else would you learn that there’s a Buenos Aires hotel dedicated to the tango?

Roads & Kingdoms

Readers of Slate may already be familiar with R&K and its blend of travel with culture and politics. People who want stories, real stories, beyond what most travelers see will enjoy the site’s articles on subjects ranging from the Haitian music of the ‘60s- ‘80s to a photographer’s peek inside Turkmenistan.


Yes, AFAR’s in a special class. But the thing is, it’s a great site and our readers love its articles. For starters, scan their series on solo travel. AFAR’s site offers a few different newsletter options if you want to receive links to a few articles at a time, or follow @AFARMedia on Twitter. (We do both, and it’s hard not to share it all!)

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